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John Thompson III Pulls Georgetown Off The Court After Melee In Chinese Exhibition Game

Bedlam broke out in an exhibition game between the Hoyas and Chinese professional team Baiyi, and the Hoyas had to leave the court as bottles were being thrown at them from the stands.

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The Georgetown Hoyas basketball team has been in China playing some exhibition games against the some of the professional teams in China. Things had been going very well on their quasi-diplomatic mission, but during a game early on Thursday, melee broke out and the team had to be pulled off the court to avoid injury. It was chronicled in a series of tweets from Gene Wang, who has been traveling with the team.

Bedlam at Hoyas game vs Baiyi. Benches cleared. JTIII pulls team off court in 4th quarter. Fans hurled bottles at team.

Chairs were being thrown. Players and coaches had to dodge water bottles hurled from stands.

All GU players and coaches okay. Still sorting it all out.

started happening when both benches emptied. Sims had a chair thrown at him.

We'll be updating this stream with more details when they become available, but with just one media person in attendance it seems, it might be hard to get information quickly. Head on over to Casual Hoya for more on the Georgetown basketball team and this latest incident.