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Terrelle Pryor Made Eligible For NFL Supplemental Draft: So The Redskins Take Him, Right?

The NFL issued a statement this morning with the six players that they have deemed eligible for the 2011 Supplemental Draft which will be held on Monday. The biggest name on that list is former Ohio St. QB Terelle Pryor, whom the NFL made eligible after a long back and forth with the league. He will, however, have to sit for the first five games of the year, which mirrors the suspension he was facing at Ohio St..

Wouldn't it just be the most Redskins thing in the world to take Pryor in the draft? A big name guy who has a lot of talent but has gotten himself in a little bit of trouble. Sounds right up their alley, right? Not so fast.

If this was two years ago, when the team wasn't being run by the current regime, I would have expected that the Redskins would snap him up without hesitation, using as much as a third round pick on him. But now that the Redskins seem to be doing things slightly differently, it doesn't seem like they are going to fall for that kind of thing again.

Having said that, the Redskins quarterback situation looks pretty bleak, so I wouldn't blame them if they used a 7th round pick on bringing a guy like Pryor into the fold. What could it possibly hurt? most guys taken that late don't pan out anyway, so you might as well take a chance on that kind of athlete. Or am I sounding too much like Vinny Cerrato right now?

I don't think it would be the worst thing in the world if the Skins took a chance with a very late pick on Pryor. But because it seems like they want to move past that image of taking guys like this, I don't expect them too. And that feels kind of weird to say.