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Video Emerges Of Georgetown Basketball Brawl

We've seen some pictures of the fracas that broke out between the Georgetown basketball team and the Chinese team Bayi, but until now we haven't been able to seen any video. Well, here it is, via Sports Grid who allegedly got it from a Chinese source.

Form that video, it looks like thebrawl started because a Georgetown player was not happy with a foul on the Chinese team. But even before that, it looked like the game was getting very chippy. But s the camera pans back to the action, you can definitely see a Georgetown player attempt to dive for a Bayi player's legs. Then all hell breaks loose.

There are little fights going on all over the court, and there doesn't seem to be anyone who is trying to stop it. It goes on for way to long before the players all pulled off of each other. Then, as the Georgetown team is leaving through the tunnel, you can see water bottles raining down on them. Truly scary stuff.