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Hoyas, Bayi Rockets Meet Friday To Discuss Thursday's Brawl

Quite arguably the biggest story in the sports world Thursday was the fight that took place between the Georgetown Hoyas and Bayi Rockets during Thursday's exhibition game. Tempers flared as both teams scuffled before Hoyas head coach John Thompson III pulled his team off of the court before the game was over in the fourth quarter.

Friday morning, both teams decided to meet once again, but in a more professional manner. Thompson III, accompanied by senior Jason Clark and junior Hollis Thompson, met with Bayi head coach Adejiang and two of his players, Chen Yu and Lehei De, to smooth things over.

A press release from Georgetown's athletic department says that the meeting was "very cordial and friendly." Handshakes were exchanged and both teams exchanged autographed basketballs. 

It seems that the bad blood is behind the Hoyas and Rockets and the former will continue to travel China with the Nike Sports Festival beginning this weekend in Shangai.