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Georgetown Basketball Brawl Barely Covered By Many Chinese News Outlets

Given the state of media in China, it's not a huge surprise that there might be some shenanigans in the way the Georgetown basketball brawl against Chinese pro team Bayi was covered. Still, the stuff dug up by Gene Wang and Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post was pretty jarring.

In Wang's story, he reported that the country's official news service didn't even cover the event and that the government took down stories on independent websites.

Xinhua News Agency, China's official news service, did not have an immediate account of the game, and although other prominent Chinese Web sites such as and posted stories, government censors shortly thereafter took them down.

Steinberg, meanwhile, provided the images of several other English-speaking Chinese news outlets, many of which are showing off their women's tennis coverage. That's, um, rather unfortunate.

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