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NFL Free Agency: Rex Grossman Likely To Re-Sign With Redskins On Tuesday

The Washington Redskins still have not re-signed quarterback Rex Grossman, despite many public statements indicating his return is a mere formality. However, it appears that there has been some movement on this on Tuesday. In a press conference following Tuesday's morning practice, coach Mike Shanahan indicated that there is a "good chance" that Grossman will sign a new deal Tuesday night.

To be clear, though, this isn't the same as saying he has already agreed on a new contract. It just means that something should probably happen. Via CSN Washington:

Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said after today's practice that quarterback Rex Grossman would be arriving at camp on Tuesday night, when he's expected to resign with the team.

Assuming the deal does get done, Grossman will compete with John Beck for the starting quarterback job. He will be a bit behind, but can probably make it up with his familiarity with the offense.

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