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Washington Redskins Camp: Jarvis Jenkins Flashes Skills, And Other Notes From This Morning's Practice

ASHBURN, Va - Another morning practice in the books here at Redskins Park, with another physical (by Mike Shanahan's standards) session wrapping up an hour ago. It was yet another open practice that didn't draw very well, with fans having plenty of room to view their team up close and personal. 

After practice Mike Shanahan announced that newly re-signed corner Phillip Buchanon has been suspended for the first four games of the regular season. Shanahan declined to give the reasons why he Buchanon was suspended. 

But getting back to the on field action, here are some notes and observations from this morning's practice:

Jarvis Jenkins is looking the part, playing the part: The more you look at Jarvis Jenkins, the more you realize what the Redskins saw in him to select the former Clemson Tiger in the second round of the draft. Not only does he have the size (6-foot-3, 320-pounds), he plays with a tremendous of amount of burst and strength. He's expected to be a defensive end in this 3-4, and I wouldn't be surprised if he got plenty of playing time as a rotational player as the season goes on. Jenkins was dominating in 11-on-11's and when going against offensive lineman in drills. It's pretty clear that he has the physical skillset to succeed, but the key will be for Jenkins to get comfortable with the scheme as quickly as possible.

"I got to study a little bit more, but I think I'm getting the players very fast," Jenkins said.

Shanahan seems to have caught on to what Jenkins has done so far, and praised him after practice.

"I like him," Shanahan said. "He's quite impressive. He's 320 pounds. He's played the run. He's played the pass. You can tell he has a big upside. You can tell he likes to work. All the things you look for in a guy, I believe he has."

DeAngelo Hall gets knicked up: DeAngelo Hall came up to engage Evan Royster on a run to his side, and then hurt his wrist after bending it too far back. Hall was immediately looked at by the trainers, laying down away from the other players. After a few minutes of loosening it up, he was back on the practice field. It looked scary for a brief moment, but Hall looks to be just fine.

"He never said anything to me," Shanahan said. "I don't think anything should be too bad, or else he would have said something."

Beck keeps getting better: Is he playing like an All-Pro? No, but John Beck is looking better each day. He has plenty of things left to work on, but he's showing to be a bit more consistent than he was in the past few days. His main issue right now is accuracy, but not because he's completely missing guys.

Beck still has to work on being able to hit guys in the right spots depending on where they are on the field. Running backs coming out in the flat are having to completely stop and turn around to make a grab. Receivers who are running seam routes have to reach a little too far behind them to make a catch. Being able to hit his skill position players in stride is something he has to work on in the next few days.