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Albert Haynesworth's Reaction To Leaving Redskins Mirrors Fans' Reaction To Trade

Hey, look, Albert Haynesworth gave his first public interview since being traded from the Washington Redskins to the New England Patriots. And -- wouldn't you know it -- he's happy to be out of D.C. Via The Boston Herald's Ian R. Rapaport:

Just talked to Albert Haynesworth. What was his first reaction to being traded to the Patriots? "Hell yeah."

That's funny, because there are probably tens of thousands of Redskins fans who had the exact same reaction when the trade went down. What a coincidence!

Of course, that wasn't all from Haynesworth first address, which one Patriots beat writer described as him showing he was "well spoken." (To that, I say: may I remind you of his first Redskins press conference). There was also the part where he essentially refused to play in a two-gap system again.

What will be Haynesworth's role? "Kill the quarterback." Will he two-gap? "Whatever gap the ball is in, that's where I'll be."

And the part about the dreaded 3-4 question.

Are the Patriots shifting to 4-3? Well, Haynesworth said, "They're kinda getting back to things I normally used to do." Hmmmm...

All that is well and good, since the Patriots play a base 3-4 only some of the time. But then, there's this:

One odd thing: Haynesworth was asked if he's a high-motor player: "That's a guy like Van den Bosch with a battery up his butt. Not me."

Yup, he just admitted he didn't work as hard as someone else. Enjoy him, Patriots fans!