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Braves Vs. Nationals Score: Rick Ankiel Stops Chop With Grand Slam, Nationals Lead 6-3

Washington Nationals outfielder Rick Ankiel is becoming very efficient at stopping the infamous Atlanta Braves celebratory "chop." On Monday night he hit two home runs against the team he grew up watching. On Tuesday night he went even bigger to help the Nationals take a 6-3.

Atlanta fans were feeling good about their chop and a fourth inning 3-1 lead, but Ankiel put their arms down as he raised a bottom of the fourth inning grand slam off Braves pitcher Derek Lowe to put the Nationals in a 6-3 lead. Outfielder Jonny Gomes scored earlier in the inning off pitcher John Lannan fielder's choice. It was Ankiel's first grand slam since August 31, 2007. The Nationals center fielder is hot. It is his third homerun in two days.

Lannan had 5 career RBI coming into this season, but has recorded 5 RBI in his last 4 starts. Lannan has only given up three runs on seven hits.