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NCAA Football Rankings: Maryland Listed On One Ballot In Preseason AP Top 25 Poll

The preseason AP Top 25 poll has come out, and once again, both Maryland and Navy have been shut out of the NCAA football rankings. Neither team is listed in the Top 25, and neither team particularly comes close.

The Terps, however, did improve on their USA Today poll shutout in one way: they got one voter to notice them. Sports Illustrated's Andy Staples did include Maryland on his ballot, ranking them 24th. Nobody else listed Maryland on their ballots.

Oklahoma was the top team in the AP poll, followed by Alabama, Oregon, LSU and Boise State. ACC rival Florida State checked in at No. 6, while Virginia Tech was in the poll at No. 13. No other ACC team was listed in the Top 25. In the preseason USA Today poll, Florida State was No. 5, while Virginia Tech also checked in at No. 13.

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