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Goodman League Vs. Drew League: Fans Turned Away Will Get Refund

While the "Capital Punishment" exhibition between the Goodman League and the Drew League was mostly a success, one of the major problems was that several ticketed customers were turned away at the door because the capacity of Trinity University's gym had been filled. At the time, those fans were not promised a refund.

One day later, it looks like that had changed. In a statement, Goodman League commissioner Miles Rawls announced that those fans will receive a refund, either in the form of money back or store credit.

On behalf of Miles commissioner of the Goodman League : I apologize for the inconvience [sic] that those with legit tickets who could not get in experienced last night. It was a situation that was beyond our control. Here is how the refunds will be handled: DTLR STORES- If you purchansed [sic] tickets with cash you will get a store credit not cash in hand. If you purchased with credit card you will get it back on the card.

Reports indicated that anywhere between 500 and 1,000 ticketed customers were shut out after waiting in line.