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New Maryland Football Uniform Photos: Red Jerseys Are Pretty Straightforward

The new Maryland football uniforms were unveiled in a ceremony in College Park on Monday night in front of many adoring fans. The new look, sponsored by Under Armour, featured four different colors, both for the pants and the jerseys. That means there were 16 possible color combinations unveiled during the ceremony.

Here is a look at all the red jerseys. Thanks to Terps TV for the live stream from which these screenshots come.


What: Red jersey, white pants.

As modeled by: Danny O'Brien.

Thoughts: Fairly mundane, but probably the kind of jersey we will see a lot this season.


What: Red jerseys, black pants.

As modeled by: David Mackel.

Thoughts: These colors really shouldn't work well together, but I actually kind of like them. Makes Maryland look scary.


What: Red jersey, red pants.

As modeled by: R.J. Dill.

Thoughts: I hope to never see these again.


What: Red jersey, gold ... hey, wait a minute, that's red/red again!

As modeled by: Andrew Gonnella.

Thoughts: Where is the red/gold combo?

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