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New Maryland Football Uniform Photos: White Jerseys Are A Mixed Bag

At long last, the new Maryland football uniforms were finally unveiled on Monday night. The new look, sponsored by Under Armour (who else?), featured four different colors for the pants and the jerseys. Multiply it up, and that means there were 16 possible color combinations unveiled during the ceremony.

Here is a look at all the different combinations involving white jerseys. Thanks to Terps TV for the live stream from which these screenshots come.


What: White jersey, black pants.

Model: Cameron Chism.

Thoughts: Didn't get a great look, but this seems pretty un-Maryland to me. Then again, they do look pretty cool, so maybe a new look is good.


What: White jersey, red pants.

Model: Matt Furstenberg.

Thoughts: Like the red jersey/white pants combo, these are pretty plain.


What: White jersey, gold pants.

Model: Demetrius Hartsfield.

Thoughts: Too much like the Redskins.


What: White jersey, white pants.

Model: A.J. Francis.

Thoughts: Yeah, let's retire these please.

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