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New Maryland Football Uniform Photos: Black Jerseys Look Very Intriguing

The new Maryland football jerseys are out, and they certainly are striking. The new look, sponsored by Under Armour, featured four different color for the pants and the jerseys. Four times four is 16, so there are 16 different combinations.

Here is a look at all the black jerseys. Thanks to Terps TV for the live stream from which these screenshots come.


What: Black jersey, white pants.

Model: Trenton Hughes.

Thoughts: I really like these as road jerseys, especially at night, where the contrast could throw off the other team. OK, maybe not, but any little edge is good, right?


What: Black jersey, red pants.

Model: Darin Drakeford.

Thoughts: This is the only black model I really don't like. Those colors make absolutely no sense together, and the only reason to ever want to see this is to joke about it.


What: Black jersey, gold pants.

Model: Kevin Dorsey.

Thoughts: Definitely a new look, but it's cool. Still, it's not as cool as...


What: Black jersey, black pants.

Model: Kenny Tate.

Thoughts: ... this. This, my friends, is awesome. You want to bring new attitude to the Maryland program? Wear these jerseys all the time.

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