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New Maryland Football Jersey Photos: Gold Jerseys Signal Major Departure From Past

Of all the new Maryland football jerseys, I think the gold ones are the most intriguing. The new uniforms were finally unveiled on Monday night, with Under Armour and CEO Kevin Plank present to cement the partnership. There were four different-colored jerseys and four different-colored pants, which means were were 16 combinations.

Here are the four gold jersey combinations. Thanks to Terps TV for the live stream from which these screenshots come.


What: Gold jerseys, black pants.

Model: Quintin McCree.

Thoughts: I can't put my finger on it, but I like the black top/gold pants combination better.


What: Gold jerseys, white pants.

Model: Ronnie Tyler.

Thoughts: They're OK I guess - probably the best of all the gold tops - but they really don't blow me away either.


What: Gold jerseys, gold pants.

Model: Davin Meggett.

Thoughts: Please go away. Nice camera skills, though.

Note: looks like nobody modeled gold jerseys and red pants. Probably for the best.

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