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Maryland Football Jerseys: New Helmets Don't Feature A Logo

There is going to be a very mixed response to the new Maryland football jerseys. They are very modern, and even if they weren't, this is just the type of thing that people find something to disagree about. The aspect that may become the greatest point of contention is the helmets, which don't feature a logo at all. Here is what our Maryland blog Testudo Times had to say about them.

The helmets will be the most controversial point, I'm sure, particularly as they don't feature a logo at all: no "Maryland", no "Terps", no nothing. The Terrapins are now joining a select group without a logo on the helmet: Michigan, OSU, Penn State, BC, Notre Dame, Army, and Navy. Maybe Alabama, though I feel like the numbers are sort of a logo for them. That's some pretty select company (yes, even you, BC).

It's a clean look, for sure, but it is an interesting gamble. The helmet is the easiest piece of branding on a football jersey because you can literally just put whatever logo you want on there. But the new jerseys have enough going on that it doesn't really matter.