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Reaction Mixed To New Maryland Football Uniform Unveiling

Maryland came out with a new, and expansive, set of jerseys on Monday night. And just like everything else pretty much, they are getting mixed reviews from the general twitterverse. Here is some of the reaction:

Jeff Barker at the Baltimore Sun:


The uniforms are part of an updating of Maryland's brand. The football uniforms and field markings — which in recent years have highlighted the word "Terps" — will more prominently display "Maryland" much as Texas football features "Texas" on its uniform fronts.

Matt Hinton at Yahoo:

You may or may not appreciate the creativity, but you have to give them credit for this much: They have seriously embraced the turtle thing. If you're a traditionalist looking for someone to blame, though, it's not the usual suspect for once: It's Baltimore's own Under Armour, headed by UM alum Kevin Plank, a former special teams captain for the Terp football team and current member of the university's Board of Trustees. He's not exactly Phil Knight, yet, but something tells me his latest may succeed in generating a little buzz this fall in an increasingly crowded arena.

Matt Bonesteel at the Washington Post:

Snap reaction: The all-black unis work much better than the Hoth-style all-whites. Some of them feature an intense amount of yellow. Others make me think of Iowa State.

The most important piece of reaction is something we can't see: how this will play with recruits. That was the big thing with these new jerseys and if that it is successful, that would be a huge help to the team. But I just can't see them or any other jersey swaying a recruits decision to go to one place or another. Not that I don't like them, I just don't think they are as important as they are making them out to be.