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Redskins Vs. Ravens: Washington Faces Difficult Test Against Baltimore Defense

The Washington Redskins will take on the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday in a Nationally televised preseason game on ESPN.

The Redskins have looked pretty good on the offensive side of the ball through their first two preseason games (despite not putting up a lot of points) but they will face a considerably harder test against the Ravens on Thursday.

Not only is the Ravens defense more polished than the colts, but this is the third preseason game, which is basically a dress rehearsal. That means that instead of playing against the backups as soon as the second quarter starts, the Redskins will have to face the starting defense for much of the game.

This will be another good opportunity to the Redskins to get a closer look at their quarterbacks. After his excellent performance against the Colts, the Ravens will provide a pretty good litmus test. With the fourth preseason game serving more as an exhibition for the backups to make a case to be on the team, this should be the last opportunity for the Redskins to get a good gauge on their starting quarterback situation.

The game will be played at 8:00 on Thursday, and can be seen on ESPN. For more on the Redskins, head over to Hogs Haven.