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Get SB Nation D.C. On Your IPhone

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The SB Nation iPhone app is now available in the App Store!  And it's Free!

Now you can stay on top of all the latest news and commentary for SB Nation D.C. and all 300+ SB Nation blogs from your iPhone.  With the SB Nation iPhone app you can:

  • Get the latest, breaking sports news as it happens
  • Customize your news with your favorite teams, sports and blogs (including SB Nation D.C.)
  • Get notified of updates to the stories you choose to follow on, regional sites, Baseball Nation and MMA Nation
  • Read and reply to comments

SB Nation iPhone app
Here's how to get it:


1. An Android version of the app is coming soon. Hopefully by the end of the year

2. The app is free

3. Comments are basic read and reply, but SB Nation has plans to enhance them in future updates

4. You can use your existing SB Nation user name and password to login on the app

5.  You can watch a video demo here.

6.  It will be available on the iPhone and iPod Touch (compatible with the iPad, but not a native app yet)

7.  You'll be able to read posts, follow streams, post comments

Next steps

Once you get the app, please take the time to give it a rating and write a review if you are so inclined. For specific questions, email mikeprada AT sbnation DOT com.