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Nationals Introduce Air Screech, Though We All Wish They Hadn't

The Nationals introduced a new mascot last night, and I think if everyone had their way, it will be a one-night appearance. I think we're all familiar with inflatable mascots, and the type of unintentional humor they can provide. But Air Screech is all intentional humor, and that stuff just doesn't really work in mascot form. Check out this horrible video, via Let Teddy Win.

I think my biggest problem with this whole situation is that it seems like this is all the jokes Air Screech has. One minute and 10 seconds into his first appearance, Air Screech is spent. What could possibly be his encore here?

Based on some of the reviews on twitter, it appears that Air Screech is pretty much an unmitigated failure. Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post brings up a good point in that link: how many mascots does one sub .500 baseball team really need? Unless were going to put Air Screech on roller skates and grease up the top of the dugout, I think we can retire him.