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Rick Ankiel Shows Off His Incredible Throwing Arm

When Rick Ankiel came up to the majors 1999 he was a hard throwing left handed pitching prospect. He moved to the outfield soon after once he lost his ability to locate his pitches. He still has that pitcher-quality arm strength, but now he has a much bigger strike zone to work with. This year he has shown time and time again just how good that arm is.

Here is the latest example from the Nats game on Sunday against the Reds. You can find the video here.

Dave Sappelt hit a ball to deep right-center that bounced off the wall and away from Jayson Werth. Ankiel chases it down, then throws the frozen rope one bouncer to third to nab a greedy Sappelt who was trying to stretch a double into a triple. Ankiel may not have the best range in the world, but it would not be a stretch to think that he has the strongest arm of any centerfielder in baseball.