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Redskins Will Trim Roster To 53 By September 3

The Redskins' roster has to be trimmed significantly over the next few days and Mike Shanahan has some interesting decisions to make.

Over the course of the next few days NFL teams must trim their rosters by about half, designating the 53 players that will make up their active roster for the regular season. That means you will begin to see a lot players that have been battling for a spot on the roster throughout preseason will get kicked to the curb. The first round of cuts is expected to happen tomorrow, when the rosters must be trimmed to 80.

The new limit of 80 at this point is a new limit set in place by the new CBA. At this time in the last few seasons teams must have been cut to 75. Another rule change is that the NFL has expanded their active game day rosters to 46 and removed the third string emergency quarterback designation. SB Nation explains what that means.

The third quarterback rule stipulated that a team's No. 3 quarterback must be designated as "inactive," and could only enter the game in an emergency. Under the rule, the No. 3 quarterback could not be replaced by the team's starter or backup if he entered within the first three quarters of the game. The NFL has decided to do away with the complexity, using the "emergency" slot as normal roster spot and allowing teams to interchange quarterbacks as they see fit.

We will be covering all the cuts that the Redskins make in this thread, but head over to HHogs Haven for more on the Redskins.