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NFL Cuts 2011, Washington Redskins: Malcolm Kelly Among Those Who Could Be Released Tuesday

The Washington Redskins need to cut nine players on Tuesday to reach a mandatory 80 players on their roster before their final preseason game against the Buccaneers on Thursday. The first round of cuts will likely take place some time this afternoon.

This may be the time that Malcolm Kelly finally gets the axe from the Redskins. He just simply has not been able to stay healthy in his time with the Redskins and I can't imagine that they really want to pay out his salary for another season on IR. He also happens to play at the most crowded position, where the Redskins currently have 11 wide receivers on the roster. One has to assume that at least one of those guys will get cut today. It is important to note that the Redskins can't simply put Malcolm Kelly on the PUP list, because he would still count against the 80 man total.

We'll be keeping track of all the roster moves that the Redskins make, on Tuesday and throughout the week, in this stream, but check out Hogs Haven for more information.