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Washington Redskins Roster Cuts: Ben Chappell, Clint Stitser Among First Released

The Washington Redskins' roster cuts have begun in earnest. The team must get down to 80 players by 4 p.m. Tuesday, and they have reportedly already begun the process. A team source tells our Daniel Shiferaw that the Redskins have released quarterback Ben Chappell and kicker Clint Stitser.

Neither decision comes as a surprise. The Redskins signed Chappell to act as a spare quarterback with John Beck injured earlier in camp. With Beck recovering, Chappell, an Indiana product, was expendable. Stitser was an obvious cut as Graham Gano took the lead in the kicking competition.

The Redskins' roster now stands at 87 players. The Redskins will likely need to cut six more, because they can place injured defensive lineman Javaris Jenkins on injured reserve.

We'll be keeping track of all the roster moves that the Redskins make, on Tuesday and throughout the week, in this stream, but check out Hogs Haven for more information.