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Daniel Snyder, Not Vinny Cerrato, Was Reportedly Behind The Malcolm Kelly Pick

With the release of Malcolm Kelly on Tuesday, the Redskins closed the book on one of the more disappointing draft picks in recent memory. It's one thing to fail because you don't have the ability, but to fail because of injuries that the organization should have seen coming is a totally different story.

Kelly is one of the failed picks of the now infamous 2008 draft class. Vinny Cerrato gets a lot of flack for his time with the Redskins, but if you listen to Jason Reid of the Washington Post, this one wasn't his fault. Reid was adamant that Dan Snyder overruled his football guru to pick Kelly.

Mr. Irrelevant compiled the many Reid tweets.

(Snyder) picked him despite the warnings of the team’s medical staff. Several coaches on staff at time thought it was a mistake, but as one told me after Kelly was picked: "That’s what the owner wanted to do. Just setting the record straight. Peace.

Reid went on to say that a lot of the football minds on the staff wanted to take Jamaal Charles. That's a real kick in the pants. Charles is one of the best backs in the NFL, while Kelly might never play again. Good pick, Danny.