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Washington Redskins Training Camp: Chris Cooley's Sore Knee Keeps Him Out Of Practice

ASHBURN, Va -  One of the more notable absences from practice this morning was that of tight end Chris Cooley. It's been clear ever since camp that he isn't a hundred percent, and has yet to comment on the injury.

When Mike Shanahan was asked after practice this morning, all he said about the injury was "his knee is sore". 

Cooley has looked very gimpy in the early going, not being able to get in on every rep he can, with Davis taking the vast majority of first team reps. So could this injury be a lingering issue?

"You're keeping your finger's crossed that it's not [lingering]," Shanahan said.  "We thought he needed some rest and hopefully he'll be able to come back, just like normal. But we didn't feel like he could practice today."

Needles to say, Cooley has been the Redskins most dependable offensive weapon for seven seasons, and tied his career high in receiving yards a year ago with 849 on 77 catches. 

With the Redskins' first preseason game now a week away and with the season opener just over a month away, Cooley's health could become a big issue going forward.