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Stephen Strasburg's Rehab Start Includes Four Strikeouts In 1 2/3 Innings

Stephen Strasburg's first rehab start in Single-A Hagerstown since undergoing Tommy John surgery in September of 2010 was certainly not perfect. He allowed three hits and a home run during that time and had to be pulled before the second inning ended because he was approaching the 35-pitch limit the Nationals specified.

However, Nationals fans can console themselves with this: at least Strasburg was throwing strikes. Of the 31 pitches he hurled, 25 were for strikes. All four of the outs he had were strikeouts, including the first two hitters in the first inning. His velocity was also outstanding, as he consistently touched the upper 90s and got all the way up to 98 at some point.

Eventually, Strasburg will need to figure out how to not pitch in such a way where he's vulnerable to the long ball. However, for now, he was certainly under control, which isn't something you can always say of pitchers.