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Stephen Strasburg Says He Felt 'Strong' In First Rehab Start

Stephen Strasburg's first rehab start for Hagerstown since having Tommy John surgery last September ended with him giving up a home run and two other hits. However, the Nationals' phenom said after the game that he felt really good about how he pitched and how his arm felt. Via Nathan Fenno of the Washington Times:

Strasburg: "I felt very strong out there. I'm right where I want to be physically."

That's obviously very good news for Nationals fans hoping he can return to where he was last season. He even threw a few curveballs, and admitted he was surprised with how well he threw them, though most of his 31 pitches were fastballs. He added that he has yet to experience a setback at any point during the process.

Strasburg would likely pitch again on Friday, seeing as it's five days from Sunday. It's not immediately clear whether he'll pitch at a different level of the minors.