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VIDEO: Radek Stepanek Celebrates Legg Mason Tennis Classic Title With 'The Worm'

Radek Stepanek has always been one of the more unique tennis players on the ATP Tour, and he proved it once again following his surprising run to the 2011 Legg Mason Tennis Classic title. The 32-year old Stepanek is a tennis survivor, and proved he can never slip too far out of the public realm by defeating top-seeded Gael Monfils to win his fifth tournament title.

Afterwards, he celebrates in classic Stepanek fashion. Several years ago, Stepanek decided to celebrate big wins by doing "The Worm," a popular dance move. He explained his decision in an old video here, saying essentially that he did it once when he was drunk.

"I drink, and suddenly, at the afterparty, I was dancing, and I just tried the move and I loved it. So that's the way I'm celebrating my big wins," he said then.

Clearly, winning the Legg Mason qualifies, because he decided to do it after the final point. This must make him one of the top 500 "Worm" dancers in the world.