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Maryland Begins Fall Practice, First Edition Of Terrapins Rising Available Online

In case you are unfamiliar with Terrapins Rising, it is basically a mix of Hard Knocks from HBO and the Association from ESPN that covers the Maryland football team from offseason conditioning and practices all the way through the season. In a sport with a lot of turnover like College football, it's a great way to better get to know a team. The first episode airs tonight at 9 on CSN, but it is already available online. You can find it here. Or at our Maryland blog Testudo Times if you like your video with a side of analysis. Here is some of my own.

Say what you want about Randy Edsall as a coach, because I know some were disappointed to see him hired, but he seems like a genuinely good guy and a very good leader. He knows exactly what he wants to do, and what the players need to accomplish to get it done. He will be judged by wins and losses, but I think from what we saw in this video, he did a good job handling his first few interactions with players; particularly the whole Ronnie Tyler thing.