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Parents Fight After Little League Game In Sharpsburg, Maryland

In this week's sign that human beings can be awful sometimes, here's a report of parents of seven- and eight-year old kids fighting with Little League officials following a game between squads from Hagerstown and Sharpsburg. Accounts of the specifics of the fight differ, but it seems like some parents complained that the game was unfair and a 50-person melee began.

The altercation may have included the following, according to the Herald-Mail:

  • Racial and gay slurs directed at players.
  • A slew of profanity, particularly by people trying to disperse an angry crowd of parents and league officials.
  • A mother who was allegedly grabbed and pushed against a fence, causing an arm injury she had examined at the hospital.

Beyond that, things are a bit unclear. The Hagerstown side alleges that they wanted to complain to the Sharpsburg Little League president about some calls, but Sharpsburg parents overheard them and, along with the umpires, physically pushed them out of the ballpark. They also claim that Sharpsburg parents shouted gay and racist slurs towards their team, with one claiming one Sharpsburg parent told the seven- and eight-year old kids to "go back to the ghetto."

The Sharpsburg side, on the other hand, denies those insults being made and claims one Hagerstown parent threatened to "slash" a 13-year old who tried to intervene.

All this for a bunch of seven and eight year olds. Yikes.