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Nationals Vs. Cubs Score: Chien-Ming Wang Dealing In 0-0 Tie

Nationals starter Chien-Ming Wang has been keeping the Chicago Cubs at bay for five innings walking two, striking out one and issuing no hits except for hitting Marlon Byrd with a pitch. It has been a substantial improvement over his previous starts. Now if only the offense would show up in the 0-0 tie.

On the flip side the Cubs' Matt Garza has only given up three hits himself. Rick Ankiel, Ryan Zimmerman and Jonny Gomes are the three Nationals players that collected hits. Zimmerman is now on a 17-game hitting streak.

It has been an impressive third start for the 6' 3" Taiwanese pitcher. A lot of his Tuesday night success comes from the Nationals defense playing behind him as he has been relying on a majority of ground outs and fly outs. The Nationals are finally getting a glimpse at the pitcher they hoped Wang would become in their rotation.

Still a lot of game left and the Nationals need to score, but the sight of a dominant Wang is good to see.