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VIDEO: Morehouse Players' Hilarious Talk Trash Before AT&T Nation's Football Classic

Saturday's showdown between bitter rivals Howard and Morehouse at the AT&T Nation's Football Classic at RFK Stadium is big. So big that Morehouse's players felt the need to record this amazing trash-talking video prior to the game.

There's way too much hilarity to digest here, so let's just note the five best moments.

5.  The team manager (or something of the sort) begins the video by saying, "I ain't on the football team, but I got these goons, they'd be ready to smash. Mohawks all day, what's hash (?)?" Good start (0:14)

4.  Everything from the 0:47 mark to the 0:53. "We talkin' with pads, man!"

3.  That same dude (can't tell who it is) jumps back on for this. "Two-five, you ain't better than me. I'm telling you straight up! Forty, you ain't better than me. Twelve, 22, 9, 4, I know all y'all n*****! I know every play y'all run! (Pause). I'm pissed off real now!" Oh really now? You're pissed off? Couldn't tell. (0:59 mark)

2.  And now, for an encore presentation: "Hey look. First of all, I'm gonna smash y'all n*****. Second of all, I'm gonna smash y'all girls!" He later admits he's engaged.

1.  Finally, the kicker, a junior transfer from Clemson named Brandon Hoffman, jumps in after that with the dorkiest follow-up to the above rant. "Yeah ... I'm not going to let these poor fools whip on my in front of my three kids." I'M SHAKING.