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Maryland, Randy Edsall, Pick Up The Recruiting After Win Over Miami

What did we try to tell you after Maryland debuted their jerseys in that win over Miami? It doesn't matter what they look like, just that everyone was looking at them. That's exactly what happened, and the desired effect seems to have been achieved. Maryland is a much more recognizable member of the College Football community at this point, and it seems to be paying off on the recruiting trail, according to Dave Hooker of ESPN, who caught up with some big recruits over the weekend. Including a personal favorite of mine, Gilman's Cyrus Jones.

"Maryland is definitely getting a new respect from hometown kids," Jones said. "They beat a big-time team in Miami. That was a big win and they're moving in the right direction. Me, my teammates and everybody else in Maryland, all the big players, we just want to see what they do this year."

That's a big step. Maryland was generally an afterthought with the big recruits from the area, but now it sounds like they are giving it serious consideration. But it also means that the Terps have to do very well this season to retain their attention. So we'll have to see if they are still interested when the season is over. That's the next step.