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Video And Photos Of Navy Football's Nike Pro Combat Uniforms

I have to be honest: something about Navy football having their own Nike Pro Combat uniforms for the Army/Navy game seems a little weird to me. Just consider all the war references we hear with football all the time, even in the video below the jump. For people who go to Navy, this stuff is all too real. Something about using the phrase "We are the power of the Sea" when talking about a football team composed of actual cadets is a bit jarring.

Nevertheless, new uniforms are the rage these days, and these are Navy's new ones. For what it's worth, Spencer Hall of SB Nation's Every Day Should Be Saturday thinks they look pretty awesome, and I agree. Maybe I'm just being too much of a purist, because as we all know, recruits are looking at college football uniforms these days. It seems to be working for Maryland, for example.

Here are some photos from their Facebook page, along with the Nike Pro Combat commercial.