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West Virginia Vs. Maryland: Terps Will Wear All-Black Uniforms Vs. Mountaineers

Ever since the Terps ran out of the tunnel against Miami wearing their state flag uniforms on Labor Day, Maryland's jerseys have been a topic of constant topic of conversation for fans and casual observers alike. Now we know what kind of jerseys they will be wearing when the Terps face the Mountaineers in College Park on Saturday. Coach Randy Edsall has announced that Maryland will wear their all-black uniforms on Sunday.


(via @RandyEdsall)

The Terps captains will make the decision each week, and Edsall will be tweeting the results each Monday. As for the combination that was chosen, I have to say, I'm happy. All-black was one of my favorites of the many Maryland football uniform combinations, and it's a fitting choice to wear in the middle of the day at home.

We'll be following the lead up to this game in this StoryStream. For more on the Terps, head on over to Testudo Times, and for a view from behind enemy lines, try SB Nation Pittsburgh and The Smoking Musket.