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Navy Vs. South Carolina Score Update: Jay Wooten Field Goal Gives Gamecocks 17-14 Halftime Lead

Thanks to some clock mismanagement by Navy and a key fourth-down conversion, No. 10 South Carolina will go into halftime with the lead in this game in Columbia. Jay Wooten ended the half by nailing a 48-yard field goal right down the middle, and the Gamecocks lead, 17-14 at halftime.

Navy forced a fourth and 10 from midfield with a minute left, but allowed South Carolina to wind the clock down to 24 seconds. Then, Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier decided to go for it, figuring his team would run the clock further down in a worst-case scenario. They picked up the first down, and two plays later, Wooten hit his field goal.

There was an odd moment when Spurrier lined up in an onside kick formation with the score tied at 14. They kicked it, but Navy recovered. However, Navy called a timeout and the play was ruled dead. South Carolina kicked off normally from there.

We'll be following this game throughout in this StoryStream. For more on the Gamecocks, head over to Garnet And Black Attack.