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2011 NHL TV Schedule: Comcast SportsNet To Broadcast 71 Capitals Games This Season

The Washington Capitals will once return to Comcast SportsNet this season as 71 of their 82 games will be broadcast on the network.

Comcast SportsNet has announced that it will broadcast 71 of the Washington Capitals' 82 games this season.

The remaining 11 games will be split between VERSUS and NBC, with six exclusively on VERSUS and five as NBC/VERSUS "flex" games, meaning that they could appear on either network.

Of course, Joe Beninati, Craig Laughlin and Al Koken will return to provide coverage for CSN, but where things get tricky is that 10 games are currently set to air on CSN+. Yet, that could change if the NBA season is locked out and the Washington Wizards do not play. From The Washington Times' Stephen Whyno:

The tricky part is that 10 Caps games are - as of now - scheduled to be on CSN+, not CSN proper. But that's contingent on the NBA season being played and the Wizards. The network's goal is to split coverage equally between the Caps and Wizards, but if the NBA lockout washes out the season, the Caps games will all be moved to CSN.

CSN+, as Whyno notes, will be available in HD for most people in the area.