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2011 NFL Standings: Redskins Sole Owners Of Division Lead

The Washington Redskins have a surprising (and very early) one game lead in the NFC East after two games this Season.

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The Washington Redskins have managed to do something in their first two games that no other team in the NFC East has been able to accomplish; win. They are the only team in first place to win their first two games, and thus, they sit alone in first place in the division.

I know, it's a little early for this kind of post, and the Redskins first place division start won't mean anything if they lose their next 14 games. But I think 2-0 is way better than anyone expected from the Redskins this year, so we have to reward playing well, even this early in the season. Every other team in their division is at 1-1, so it's not an enormous Division lead.

But it is a division lead nonetheless. We'll be keeping track of the standings in this Stream. Head on over to Hogs Haven for more on the Redskins.