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Redskins Apparently Forget To Honor Chris Cooley During Week 2

Chris Cooley broke the Franchise record for catches by a tight end in the Week 1 win over the Giants. Immediately after that, the Redskins said they would make this past game against the Cardinals, "very special" for Cooley. Then the game against the Cardinals came and went and there was nothing done to honor Cooley, via FatPickled and Mr. Irrelevant

If it turns out that the Redskins don't have a very good reason for not honring Cooley, and I'm sure they'll be asked about it, this would be a pretty big slight to somebody the team said was very important to the Franchise; especially after they went out of their way to say they were going to honor him.

I cant imagine that the Redskins will have a good reason for not doing this, because if they did, I'm sure we would have heard it already. Either way, this is just not good business.