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Navy Could Join Big East For Football By End Of Week, According To Rick Pitino

It seems we can't even go a week without a team moving into a new conference. We told you earlier that Navy was reportedly close to joining the Big East for football before Pitt and Syracuse left. Now that the dust has somewhat settled on that bomb, the Midshipmen seem ready to make that move to the Big East after all.

Louisville basketball head coach Rick Pitino tells ESPN that the Big East plans to name Navy and Air Force football only members, possibly even before the end of the week. Seeing as it is Thursday morning, this story would have to develop rather quickly if it were to come out before the end of the week. As SB Nation points out, this could be troublesome for some of Navy's other programs.

Navy's football team has been unaffiliated with a conference for decades, though its other sports play in the Patriot League. Air Force plays in the Mountain West, but would need to see if it can stay in the conference for its other sports. The WAC or the West Coast Conference could be landing spots for the Falcons' other programs if the Mountain West wouldn't keep them following a football departure to the Big East.

This is an interesting move for the service academies. It seems Navy wants the constant attention that being in a good conference provides, as opposed to the handful of good games that comes from an Independent schedule (unless you're Notre Dame).