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Navy Still Deciding If They Will Remain Independent For Football

For the last week or so we've heard reports that Navy was going to join the Big East as a football-only member, that they were reconsidering things after Pit and Syracuse left, then that they might join the Conference as early as today. But now it seems like Navy has sort of taken a step back and is now just contemplating their next move, according to Patrick Stevens of the Washington Times.

“We’ve looked at this in a very calculated way,” (Navy athletic director Chet) Gladchuk said. “We put our program in position to succeed like it is today, and our driving force is not panic but forethought and vision to figure out what’s best for us down the road. We feel like we’re in a safe harbor today.”

So it sounds like the Midshipmen are comfortable remaining as an independent if a Conference scenario isn't right for them. But it also sounds like they wouldn't have a problem considering a new conference either.