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Maryland Football State Flag Uniforms Now Being Sold

The Maryland Pride jerseys that the Terrapins wore in their season opening game against the Miami Hurricanes are finally being made available for purchase, sort of. You can find the jerseys on Maryland's Athletic Store site, but they are only available for pre-order as of now. We're not quite sure when they will be coming out officially, but you may as well put your name on this list now because I know you're going to pick one up later.

Is it me or have these grown on you at all? After giving them a couple weeks to set in, I like the jerseys much more than I did when the team first came out of the tunnel on Labor Day. I'm not going to say that the shoulders look subtle now, but they are certainly much less intrusive than they were. Maybe it helps that they're out of context with the rest of the jerseys and other stripes.