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VIDEO: Highlights From Goodman League Vs. Knox Indy Pro Am

NBA stars converged in Indianapolis yesterday for a matchup of the D.C. Goodman League against the Knox Indy Pro Am. In a game with a lot of scoring and probably very little defense, the John Wall led Goodman team won, 170-167. Wall looked good throughout the game, he always does.  Video after the jump.


The video shows it all, but a number of NBA ballers were out there including Jeff Green, DeMarcus Cousins, Lance Stephenson, Paul George, Eric Gordon, Zach Randolph, and Jeff Teague. The dudes from Indy Cornrows watched the action live and said Wall stole the show. He was the game's MVP and finished with 41 points, 12 assists and 11 boards. How great would numbers like that be in a Wizard uniform?

Eric Gordon dropped 40 and the reports of his deep shooting sound pretty incredible. Looks like Gordon has serious range. Z-Bo and DeMarcus Cousins mixed it up a bit in the paint, with Cousins scoring more in more minutes.