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2011 Fantasy Football Week 4 Start/Sit: Which Redskins Should Crack Your Lineup?

The Washington Redskins will face the St. Louis Rams this weekend, is there anyone in burgundy who is a good play for your Fantasy team?

The Washington Redskins will head to St. Louis this weekend to take on the Rams, who are 0-3 so far this season. The Baltimore Ravens blew out the Rams this past weekend, so either they will be looking for revenge against Baltimore's Mid-Atlantic Brethren, or the Redskins will have a good chance to put up some points. So will the Redskins that you employ on your Fantasy team be able to put up good numbers. Let's run them down.

Rex Grossman: If you're still putting Rex Grossman in your starting lineup (unless you're in a 32 team league and in last place) you need to take a step back and analyze your Fantasy abilities. He shouldn't be starting for you, there is a better option. I (almost) promise.

Tim Hightower: He might not be the biggest fantasy horse out there, but he gets a ton of touches and has touchdowns in two of the first three games. He won't win you your league, but as a second or third running back starter, you could do a whole lot worse.

Santana Moss: Unfortunately, Moss' production is directly related to how well Rex Grossman plays, more or less. He hasn't been playing well, and Moss isn't really putting up numbers.

Fred Davis: Still a solid play even though he didn't have a great game against the Cowboys. Grossman clearly likes going to him, and short passes to the tight end are just about the only thing I trust Grossman with.

Chris Cooley: Same as Davis, although they might be splitting the vote a little bit at tight end.

Graham Gano: He got a lot of chances on Monday, and his only miss was on a bobbled snap that wasn't his fault. I hesitate to say this, but Gano might be a good play here.

Defense: The D has been great this year. They lost on Monday, but they prevented the Cowboys from getting in the endzone. They don't generate the sacks and turnovers that mean big points, but they will help you out in points allowed.