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Stephen Bowen 'Lost Respect' For Cowboys Center Phil Costa After Cheating Accusations

ASHBURN - Despite the Cowboys victory over the Redskins Monday night, Dallas center Phil Costa accused former Cowboy turned Redskins defensive lineman Stephen Bowen of simulating Dallas' snap count - a tactic that is illegal in the NFL.

To put it lightly, Bowen flatly denied Costa's accusation when asked by reporters on Wednesday.

"Honestly, I lost a lot of respect for Costa." Bowen said. "Just be a man, and tell the truth." 

"If that was the case, if we were making snap counts, how come no other offensive lineman jumped offsides? It makes no sense, cause he's lying. Just be a man and stand by his word. Everybody respects a man who can tell the truth"

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Bowen took Costa's accusations as an assault on his character, something Bowen takes very personally.

"Yeah [it's surprising]," he said of Costa's accusation. "You can ask the guys in Dallas, they know my character. I've never been that type of guy, I just line up and play ball."

"Even during the game, the ref came to us and [asked] are we giving fake snap counts, I looked at Barry [Cofield] like ‘'Did you make a noise?', [he said] ‘I didn't make a noise, I didn't even hear anything'. So for him to say that, I'm disappointed in him and I lost respect for him. He's trying to make excuses for him messing up."

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo was the victim of Costa's bad snaps, as the two seemed to have communication issues all night. Bowen believes that Costa is using the snap count issue as an excuse to cover up his poor play Monday night.

"It is [an excuse]," Bowen said. "And then they try and make me out of be some guy that I'm not. I' not that type of person, I just line up and play ball."