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Week 4 NFL Odds, Redskins Vs. Rams: Washington An Early Road Favorite

These are the current odds for the Redskins vs. Rams.

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The Washington Redskins are 2-1 on the season and they will travel to St. Louis this weekend for an early Sunday matchup with the Rams. The Rams are 0-3, but they have enough talent that they shouldn't really be considered as bad a team as their record reflects. But every team plays better at home, so who knows what the Redskins will face. For an idea, let's check out the current odds for this game, via OddShark at SB Nation.

10/02/2011 Washington -1½-110 -1-120
1:00 PM St. Louis 42o-110 43½o-110

Home teams will generall receive a three point boost, so according to these odds the the Redskins are just about 4-4.5 point favorite in this one. That feels about right.

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