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Devin Thomas Makes Giants Roster, Will Face 'Deadskins' In Week 1

Devin Thomas, who some Redskins fans may remember as the 2008 second round draft pick that caught all of 40 passes in 34 games with Washington, has made the final 53-man roster of the New York Football Giants. Thomas caught ten balls for 105 yards in the preseason, and was impressive in the return game. He also made some choice comments to the New York media early in training camp regarding his former employer:

"Until I make that [final roster] and they put me back there in the first game against them Deadskins, then I will say it's my job," Thomas said of the team that drafted him in the second round in 2008 before releasing him last season.

Well Devin, it looks like you have your chance to face those "Deadskins" after all. I'm sure no one paid any attention to this comment, no siree, and won't want to remove your helmet from your body on the first kick you return. Good luck young man. Just think, if the Giants don't work out for, you can always fall back on the super gaming skills that made you 2008 NFL Rookie Madden Bowl champion.