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Reaction Continues To Pour In On Maryland's New Jerseys

How much of a stir did the Maryland jerseys cause? It took the national media about 24 hours to digest them fully. Even stations like CNN which don't typically cover sports devoted some time to them. They brought in one of the guys from TLC's Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta to analyze the the new duds. Here is what he had to say, via DC Sports Bog.

Now, as someone who lives with their girlfriend, I am already familiar with this guy and what he does for a living, unfortunately. I have to say I'm surprised that he thinks even somewhat positively of these new jerseys. No matter how many people commentate on them, they don't seem to realize their importance: that people are commentating on them at all.

What a fashion director from Atlanta has to say about them is secondary to the fact that a major news station brought a fashion director from Atlanta in to talk about them. That's what is important, and that is why they were a hit.