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DC To Get Winter Classic, 2014 Possible Target Date

Everyone loves the Winter Classic, the outdoor NHL game played on New Years Day. Last year the Capitals played the rival Penguins from Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, the game was an undoubted success, especially for Caps fans.

Caps owner Ted Leonsis told fans to expect a Winter Classic to be played in DC sometime soon, and now a CSN Washington report says that the game could be as soon as 2014. The biggest debate will be the location of the game, more after the jump.

The DC area offers plenty of locations for an outdoor hockey game. The two obvious choices are Nationals Park, which would fit the mold of the game that has been played in Wrigley Field, or FedEx Field, home of the Washington Redskins.

A more intrgiuing idea would be to hold the game on the National Mall, amid the monuments and natural beauty of Washington. This idea will probably gain little traction because the site does not offer the same lucrative seats, luxury boxes, parking revunue or concession stands that the other sports stadiums offer. Always remember it's a business.

I vote Nats Park. RFK Stadium would be fun, but I don't see that happening. I just pray that the Winter Classic doesn't end up in Landover, with Dan Snyder making money on a fun, new hockey tradition.